Wellness Coach : CIMAS

  • Harare


DUE : 18 JAN 2023

Identifies target Cimas and non-Cimas members to educate on the eight (8) dimensions of wellness including non-communicable diseases.
Identifies and researches wellness related issues from individual and group risk profile reports.
Devises, monitors and reviews wellness plans for different people at different levels of risk.
Creates informative content and health tips on health and wellness for the Head iGo’s approval.
Identifies and researches the eight dimensions of wellness to create educational material to be shared at wellness events, corporate wellness days and for the publication of wellness articles after prior approval of Head iGo
Assists in identifying corporates, both Cimas and non-Cimas members, for wellness days and uptake of monthly contracts, and meets tasks and targets set by Head iGo for consolidation into individual plans, meetings and feedback.
Attends Wellness days and conducts wellness presentations, coaching sessions, health risk assessments and ensures the evaluation report, post event, is received.

Examines and records vital signs like weight, height, body mass index, blood pressure, pulse rate, blood sugar, accurately, for Health Risk Assessments and risk profiling for individuals.
Provides feedback reports on Health Assessments and offers interventions to address health issues identified and improve wellbeing.
Conducts Wellness Coaching sessions for individuals and corporates.
Assists individuals to develop care plans that are designed to cater for the specific needs of the client and promotes behaviour change through follow-up sessions.
Facilitates the organisation of iGo events for education, fitness events, workshops and drafts the annual calendar.

Conducts training of Wellness Champions for Corporates.
Monitors the stock management and control required for the necessary stock like consumables and medical equipment for health assessments.
Contributes ideas for future iGo operational plans.
Targets corporate clients to offer wellness and occupational services.
Manages relationships with existing corporate clients.
Organises Health campaigns to bring awareness for corporate client employees.

Bsc Degree In Health Sciences or equivalent
Certificate in Wellness Coaching (recommended)
Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety (recommended)

If you meet the stipulated requirements and can operate with minimum supervision, attach your application together with proof of qualifications and experience.
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