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Transaction Monitoring Analyst : Mukuru

  • Harare


DUE : 19 DEC 2022

An exciting opportunity exists for a Transaction Monitoring Analyst to join the Mukuru team in Zimbabwe.
The main purpose of this role is to ensure that all transactions are conducted in the manner they were intended, and according to the RBZ regulations.
The Transaction Monitoring Analyst reports directly to the Compliance Officer. This position is responsible for the monitoring, identification of all daily transactions in order to inform the Compliance Officer for further escalation of findings.

Use compliance BI dashboards daily to help you find anomalies, financial crimes, fraudulent activities or any suspicious transactions that emanate from inbound, outbound, domestic transfer and foreign exchange transactions.

Duties and Responsibilities (Include but is not limited to)
Continue monitoring suspicious transactions to determine any differences in pattens and behaviours, as well as the reason leading to those changes.
Use reporting BI dashboards to monitor customer daily transactions for any red flags.
Make note and keep records of transactions that raise red flags as well as the details leading to these triggers
Conduct electronic investigations of transactions by viewing and tracing all transaction Information leading to suspicion.
Conduct telephonic investigations by calling sending, and recipients of suspicious transactions.
Check and gather information of transactions raised by tellers as suspicious, for reporting purposes.
Escalate problems to the forensics teams where necessary, in order to get help with investigations
Conduct random system test to ensure that transaction details are being captured as required for RBZ reports.

Conduct random system test to ensure that the Mukuru system is performing as intended.
Conduct random system test to ensure that the
Conduct daily checks to ensure that tellers are capturing KYC documents are required.
Inform departments affected of findings to ensure that coordination of efforts is attained.
In the event of identifying issues affecting other corridors, inform TMA responsible for those corridors so as to alert them of your finding and to stop a problem at both the source and destination.
Address issues raised to the department via Zendesk in a timeous manner
Inform Compliance Officer of findings for higher level decision making.
Share findings with relevant department heads and corridor TMA to alert and prevent
List suspicious transactions or cash threshold limit breaches to file these transactions on the GoAML website

Key Requirements
Tertiary education (degree/diploma) (Essential and a Tertiary qualification in Economics is an added advantage
3years experience (Essential) in financial services industry
Knowledge of Mukuru system
Ability to coordinate tasks and project within the department
Ability to identify areas requiring attention in relation of compliance
Knowledge of reporting any suspicious or fraudulent activities
Ability to collect information and data
Ability to conduct checks on KYC/CDD/EDD
Ability to respond to queries regarding STRs & customers in suspicious roles.

Additional Skills
Verbal and written communication skills
Time management skills
Organisational & administrative skills
Interpersonal skills
Mathematical skills – intermediate level
Data analysis and interpretation skills
Research skills
Computer skills- (excel, MS office package)
Ability to work with confidential information
Attention to detail

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