Terms Of Reference (TOR) Design And Development Of ZHI Website_Consultancy : Zimbabwe Health Interventions (ZHI)

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Zimbabwe Health Interventions (ZHI)

DUE : 05 DEC 2022

Title: Terms of Reference (TOR) Design and Development of ZHI Website_Consultancy
Type Of Contract :Consultant

1.0 Background
Zimbabwe Health Interventions (ZHI) is a not-for-profit human development organisation which is registered as a Trust under the Zimbabwe Deeds Registries Act (Chapter 20:05). ZHI’s mission is to develop and deliver innovative and sustainable high impact integrated health interventions with local communities while working with and strengthening existing institutions. Zimbabwe Health Interventions (ZHI) launched a new website in 2020 to ensure accessibility to all materials related to the work of the ZHI. The new platform has been one year up providing key information and showcasing its expertise to its stakeholders across the world. To further enhance the new site and ensure the best experience to users, ZHI is planning to conduct a series upgrade on the website.
Scope Of Work
2.0 Objectives
ZHI is inviting proposals from reputable and qualified companies with a track record of success in designing and producing digital solutions to upgrade the current website. The aim of the website proposed in this document is to use this opportunity to further promote interaction and collaboration among key users of the website. The new design will provide a new look-and-feel to the site and display the content in a more organized, attractive, and user-friendly manner. Particular attention will to be given to the security of the server and ease of management and administration of the website.

The website should implement modern technologies and allow for dynamic content. The website supplier should provide the following:
– Three visual Website designs / wireframes which portrays almost a real website with visuals, sliders links etc. We prefer the this to be through use of Design Tools such as Adobe XD. A dummy website would be a plus. – Site map (to determine UI & UX)

2.1 Functional requirements

item /requirement /Description
1 Website Pages – The website should have all the pages as per ZHI requirements, these pages should also include standard pages such as contact us, about us, home page.
2 Admin Dashboard – The website should have an admin dashboard that will allow the ZHI admin to:
a. Administrative and technical support, hosting, and quality control (creation, deletion and editing of content).
b. Provision of a CPannel or Plex dashboard will be an added advantage.
3 Audit trail – The website should have an audit trail of all the activities happening on the website.
4 Analytics – The website should have analytics that will allow ZHI to see all the activities that are happening on the website eg. Google analytics

5 News and blog/feeds – The website should display news and blog for Digital marketing and information dispensation.
6 Reports – The website supplier should generate website reports on a monthly basis based on the analytics and determine or recommend solutions.
7 Social Media Integration – The website should be integrated to social media platforms.
8 SEO/Digital Marketing Strategy – The website supplier should also give SEO/digital market strategy.
9 Emergence Notification Banner – The website should allow for an emergency banner display.
10 Licensed Plugins – Use of licensed plugins always is requested

Application Requirements
2.2 Non-Functional requirements|
item /Requirement /Description
1 Responsiveness – The website should be to display on different screen sizes without distorting content
2 Security – The website should have security such as SSL certificate etc.
3 Availability – The website should be available 24/7
4 Back up and Disaster recovery (DR)
– The website should allow for scheduled backups
– Service provider to give us a DR plan

5 UI & UX – The website should allow for easy navigation, have a beautiful look and feel and avoid deep links
– The website should utilize pictures and relevant icons
– The website should speak to the branding of ZHI in terms of colors, icons, pictures and logos.

6 Training – The website supplier should train ZHI support staff and system administrators to perform content upload, system maintenance and administration.
7 User Manuals – Develop a detailed Website user manual
8 Source code handover – Full source code including all developed libraries shall be handed over to ZHI.
9 Methodology

3.0 Deliverables clause
The contract may be amended with a time and materials to capture new specific developments on the site upon request of ZHI.

3.1 Key features:
Add feed links with integrated social media posting (ZHI has active and highly interractive Twitter and Facebook accounts; the website should facilitate streaming of information between these different platforms)

Responsive design
Multiple page styles and custom post types
Language options feature in resources and guidance template.
Search function for pages such as success stories page, comprehensive search functionality to the website by free text
An interactive map that can be constantly updated to show areas of impact
Ability to upload materials (documents, pictures, videos) to the website which will have a secure storage system accessible only by ZHI administrative staff to the website
Signup for the latest news that leads to newsletter signup feature
A call for suppliers function that allows the site to prescreen the applicants based on the conditions that will be provided and to those that succeed on the prescreening conditions, to be loaded into a DB with their attached documents.
A user friendly Dashboard or report generation link for navigation and or collection of call for suppliers data as provided in the DB.
A recruitment portal /page to advertise and initiate the recruitment process.
A dashboard to administer the application process design application forms to HR specifications as will be stated in the HR recruitment BSR.

3.2 Website hosting:
The current webpage is located on a shared platform with limited resources, an upgrade is expected as we have experienced increasing traction to our site.
The website should be moved to a secure server as the platform will hold money transactions and user information.
The server should support the technologies used in building the site which may include PHP, MySQL.

3.3 Website maintenance:
Website content updates: the contracted web development company will assist with the content update when the changes to be made are not possible from the dashboard user interface. It should be endeavored that as many changes as possible be made from the dashboard user interface, including the website’s current functionality to add/customize content.
The contracted web development company will maintain a full backup of the website throughout the duration of the contract. The backup, code, and source files will be delivered in full to the client at the closing of the contract. A time frame for regular backups to be agreed upon.
The contracted web development company will have an automated testing system that checks for broken hyperlinks on the site.
The contracted web development company will verify regularly that the site is up and running and will notify of and revert to the backup whenever necessary.
The contracted web development company will give guidance on using the admin interface of the website.
Monitor the server logs to see the most popular pages and downloads and generate regular reports. Providing this report in the dashboard will be a greatly welcomed feature.

4.0 Inspiration
4.1 We reference the below sites;
World Vison,
FHI360 and

5.0 Requirements
The company should have:
Proven experience of web design and support in the education, nonprofit, and international development sector designing visually appealing and navigation-friendly websites;
Familiarity and relevant experience in using different Web Application Frameworks
Have a broad knowledge of current web development technologies and design tools in the field, and new software and other web programming languages and programs including the use of HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, Macromedia Flash, Java, PHP
Have excellent knowledge of recent trends in graphic design, websites, including online video publishing, and social media networking
Understanding of End Users needs to match with adequate technical solutions.
Strong track record in website design; security and administration; Google Analytics; Search Engine Optimization.
NOTE: ZHI will consider proposals only from companies legally registered to operate within Zimbabwe, and able to offer services on a contract basis.

5.1 Work setting
The work setting for the assignment will include different aspects:
Timing and duration of the assignment
The duration of the contract will be 1 year.
The development of the website to be ready in six weeks time starting from the date of signing the contract.
The user manual, webinar and the maintenance of the new webpages will be done from the fourth week of the contract.

Briefing/debriefing arrangements.
AN AGILE DEVELOPMENT PROCESS TO BE IMPLEMENTED. The company will work in close consultation and under the supervision of the Communications and IT. They will follow up the design process answering questions related to the requirements and requesting changes where they see fit.
The Communications and Knowledge Management Team in close consultation with the Team Leads of the Databases and IT will assess the services and outputs of the contracted company.

5.2 Support provided
ZHI will grant access to the current ZHI website admin panel and content including Word Press administration

6.0 Selection Criteria
Profile and experience of the company 20%
Professional capacity and experience of professionals assigned 10%
Pricing 20%
Timeline to complete the project 20%
Accessibility and proximity of the support team 10%
An interactive preview of suggested solution (A dummy proposal of a solution taylored to respond to ZHI request) 20%.

6.1 Evaluation
The purpose of evaluation is to determine the technically compliant and competent bid from amongst the substantially responsive bids received by ZHI. In order to determine the lowest evaluated proposal, ZHI shall adopt a systematic evaluation process comprising of the following 3 logical steps:

A bidders’ conference to take place one week after the RFP release date at ZHI Emerald Office to give interested and eligible consultants the chance to ask questions regarding the project. Interested parties to qualify should have the below stated below see section 7.0.
Bidders will be short listed first on the basis of qualifying eligibility criteria as stated in this TOR (see section 7.0) and then responsiveness of the Bid in meeting scope, understanding of the concept, competence to meet the Functional Requirements as evaluated by ZHI from documents and references provided, i.e. evaluation of the prospective companies to provide the Web service shall be done by ZHI on Technical, Functional Parameters as well as experience and capability of the Bidder to implement the website development (reference to bidder’s referenced sites will be done).
Based on the presentations (in person or virtual), successful bidders will be invited to submit detailed technical proposals covering system specifications and design, as well as a corresponding financial proposal for a Commercial evaluation. ZHI shall evaluate the bidders for their readiness of the product and capabilities to meet the functional, operational and other requirements, and accordingly ZHI shall take a decision for selecting the successful consultant/firm.
– Successful consultants will then be invited to make a presentation (in person or virtually) of the website development plan, demonstrate the proposed website (through use of Design Tools such as Adobe XD or what the developer finds most suitable) ‘Walk through”.
– A financial proposal indicative of the breakdown of all costs. Company’s requirements in regard to rates, sign-off, payments.
Evaluations shall be performed as per the criterion determined by ZHI.

7.0 Pre-requisites for Prospective Consultants.
ZHI is now inviting qualified firms and consultants to attend a Bidders Conference provided they meet the below stated criteria. The conference will be a virtual meeting on TEAMS.
For reservations Email: proposals@zhi.co.zw with subject: “ZHI Website development Phase 2 reservation.” The reservation emails should arrive by 05 December 2022 at 16.00 hours. For any enquiries regarding this RFP, send an email to proposals@zhi.co.zw with subject: “ZHI Website development Phase 2 inquiry.”

The submissions should include the following documents:
Copies of certificate of registration / incorporation (for firms)
Names and contacts of Directors (for firms)
Company profile (for firms)
Curriculum Vitae of proposed project team members
Tax registration certificates (Income Tax and VAT in case of firms)
Full contact details (physical address, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail addresses)
Contact person and contact details of Project Lead/Manager (for firms)
Profile of previous work done which is related to this assignment
A portfolio of previous work of webs with similar functionalities. Three reference websites and contacts of current site administrators
Note: There is going to be a Bidders Conference for all prospective bidders on a date to be advised.

Those interested kindly send your booking details on email to proposals@zhi.co.zw for more details. The submission of technical and financial proposals will be open soon after the bidders conference and submissions to be addressed to procurement@zhi.co.zw including a cover letter with subject line: ZHI Website development Phase 2

Note: All developments including source code remains the property of ZHI console, all documents and pages, plugins, themes and additional files.