Team Lead – Lab Sections : CIMAS

  • Harare


DUE : 14 DEC 2022

Ensures equipment availability and schedules periodic servicing of Section Analysers. | | Reviews and identifies the number, type and quantity of the reagents needed for specific test profiles and analysis. | | Provides input to the Quality Assurance and Laboratory Technical Managers on Section operation requirements. | | Compiles Monthly and Annual Reports on section operations and submit to the Laboratory Technical Manager. | | Tracks departmental material usage against test volumes and implements corrective action in cases of overruns in liaison with Finance Department. | | Research and make recommendations for the development and introduction of new technology, test profiles or process improvements to Laboratory Management. | | Verifies that the proper specimen being analysed is for the correct patient and that the correct test is being performed by matching the electronic test request forms to the patient specimen.

| | Runs prescribed routine and high complexity assays on manual and on automated platforms in line with Standard Operating Procedures and adhering to quality control to include Internal Quality Control and proficiency testing. | | Monitor tests quality, accuracy, timely testing and release of results through tracking turnaround times, pending tests and updating daily worklists. | | Checks and enforces the disposal of section biohazardous material in accordance with safety and environmental standards. | | Checks and ensures adherence of staff to the use of protective equipment when performing procedures to prevent exposure. | | Follows remedial procedures on accidental exposure to biohazardous material such as post exposure practice and act accordingly. | | Reports all section safety incidences to the Safety Officer and the Quality Assurance Manager.

Degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences. | | Master’s in Biochemistry is an added advantage. | | Registered with the Medical Laboratory and Clinical Scientist Council of Zimbabwe. | | Valid Open Practising Certificate. | | Practising Laboratory Scientist with more than 3 years working experience.

If you meet the stipulated requirements and can operate with minimum supervision, attach your application together with proof of qualifications and experience. Due date (14th December 2022)
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