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DUE : 14 OCT 2022

There have been rapid advances in the development of triage testing for TB, which refers to screening tests that are generally applied in a community-based setting. This multi-country trial aims to determine the utility of CAD as a triage tool to further optimise the Active Case Finding (ACF) model. Importantly, COVID-19 and TB symptoms overlap, and testing is limited owing to the stigma and affordability associated with both diseases. Therefore, XACT-19 also aims to provide data pertaining to the feasibility of co-screening and testing for TB and COVID-19.

The XACT-19 trial comprises three recruitment components
1. Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) involving 2 067 high-risk persons with suspected TB.
2. A prospective observational cohort recruiting 6 667 asymptomatic and HIV uninfected individuals.
3. A cross-sectional cohort with prospective follow-up of 500 participants (from the RCT arm) who are symptomatic for COVID-19.

Operate point-of-care x-ray machine to produce diagnostic images for TB and COVID-19
Work with a local community healthcare worker, nurse and driver to set up on site.
Risk-based screening, recruitment and testing of participants for TB and COVID-19 using point-of-care diagnostic tools.
Prepare thorough documentation of activities using Case Report Forms (CRFs) in accordance with the protocol.
The position encompasses a multitude of tasks and requires a lively person to communicate with the relevant institutional, community and health facility stakeholders and personnel.

Registered radiographer with a degree/diploma in radiography

Excellent communication skills
Has the ability to interact with culturally and religiously diverse individuals of different age groups
The ability to work under minimal supervision.
Previous research experience and a driver’s license are added advantages.

To apply, candidates may submit their CV and a cover letter to:
XACT-19 Study Coordinator
Miss A N Chizema
Biomedical Research and training institute
10 Seagrave Road
Or via E-mail to

Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted