Procurement and Supply Management Manager – Head Office || Ministry of Health and Child Care

  • Harare

Ministry of Health and Child Care

DUE: 10 FEB 2023

The vacancies below have arisen in the Ministry of Health and Child Care under the Global
Fund HIV, Tuberculosis (TB) and Malaria grants. Applications are therefore being invited from
suitably qualified and experienced candidates to fill the posts
Programme Coordination Unit (PCU)
Reports to Project Coordinator

Summary of key functions
Coordinates and monitors all aspects of procurement and Supply Management oversight for the Principal Recipient in accordance with the Global Fund Procurement and Supply Management policies, procedures
and internationally accepted best practices. This oversight role will require regular liaison with the Directorate of Pharmacy Services (DPS), Directorate of Laboratory Services (DLS), NatPharm, the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ) the Global Fund Pooled Procurement Mechanism, the Global Drug Facility (GDF) the Fund Administrator as well as National Programs within the Ministry of Health and Child Care (MoHCC) to ensure proper management, availability and use of pharmaceuticals and health products.

1. Procurement Processes
1.1 Ensures full compliance of procurement activities with national laws and GFATM rules, regulations, policies and strategies, including conformance to the quality assurance policies of Global Fund.
1.2 Monitors the timely execution of procurement and supply activities funded by Global Fund grants, ensuring that supply arrives at end users according to program delivery needs.
1.3 Ensures the procurement process is in compliance with national laws and Global Fund regulations, policy and strategy.
1.4 Oversees and coordinates the procurement of Global Fund commodities by the Ministry of Health and Child Care.
1.5 Oversees the update of the procurement tracking tool daily, and quarterly.

1.6 Supports the MOHCC quantification every semester.
1.7 Coordinates the acquisition of specifications to be used for quantification.
1.8 Updates quantification plan for all 3 programmes quarterly.
1.9 Facilitates contract administration of bidders for tenders.
1.10 Compiles PSM related technical overall reports monthly and quarterly.
1.11 Ensures that all necessary reporting on grant related PSM activities is undertaken, this will include ensuring that reports on PSM activities to key stakeholders, in particular TMT of the MoHCC and CCM, are completed in a timely manner.
1.12 Contributes to accurate budget forecasting and budget development with respect to pharmaceuticals and health products funded by Global Fund grants.

2. Supply Chain Management
2.1 Monitors stock levels of pharmaceuticals and health products procured through Ministry of Health and Child Care, Global Fund grants and other donors.
2.2 Monitors quality of health and non-health commodities.
2.3 Ensures the harmonization of distribution systems for health commodities.
2.4 Monitors security of procured commodities safety of all goods purchased through the Ministry and Global Fund.
2.5 Facilitates tax exemptions, insurance, clearance, and transportation of procured commodities.
2.6 Facilitates the development of a Logistics Management Information System that produces the required information.

3. Coordination
3.1 Ensures coordination of procurement and supply of pharmaceuticals and health products funded by Global Fund grants with procurement and supply funded by the other partners.
3.2 Coordinates with the relevant departments of the MoHCC and Fund Administrator (FA), for the implementation of the procurement of non-health products and ensures that arrangements in place are
efficient, cost effective and in compliance with the Government laws and policies and the Global Fund procurement and supply management policies.
3.3 Coordinates and facilitates the completion and implementation of Procurement and Supply Management (PSM) Plan for Global Fund grants managed by the MoHCC, including timely forecasting, quantification and monitoring and evaluation of resource utilization.

4. Selection
4.1 Liaises with Laboratory Services Directorate to obtain specifications and requirements of Laboratory commodities.
4.2 Attends National Medicines and Therapeutics Policy Advisors committee responsible for selection of essential medicines in Zimbabwe.
4.3 Liaises with NMCP the relevant department to obtain specifications of all health and non-health commodities required.
4.4 Liaises with Directorate of Pharmacy services to obtain specifications and requirements of pharmaceuticals required for the Malaria Programme.
4.5 Liaises with NTP to obtain specifications of all non-health commodities required for the TB programme.
4.6 Liaises with the Finance and administration Directorate on nonhealth commodities requirements and procurement.

5. Capacity Building and Infrastructure Projects
5.1 Facilitates the review of current procurements laws, to ensure they support all PSM activities and are aligned with the Global Fund requirements.
5.2 Facilities the revision of all procurement standard operating manuals and policies.
5.3 Facilitates the training of all relevant staff members on the revised manuals and policies. PSM related issues.
5.4 Facilitates the coordination and implementation of PSM priority areas.
5.5 Oversee infrastructural developments projects at health facilities in collaboration with Hospital Planning and Projects Management.

6. Quality Assurance
6.1 Ensure that Quality assurance programmes are done in accordance to Global Fund Quality Assurance Plans and Guidelines.
6.2 Ensure that Post Marketing surveillance activities are conducted as per MCAZ guidelines and in accordance to Global fund requirements.

7. Reporting
7.1 Ensure that all necessary reporting on grant related PSM activities is undertaken. This will include ensuring that reports on PSM activities to key stakeholders, in particular the Management Committee, senior officers of the MoHCC and the CCM, are completed in a timely manner.
7.2 Prepare technical and status/progress reports on health logistics system performance and implementation activities.

8. Regional and International Cooperation
8.1 Increased regional and International cooperation on PSM.

9. Normative Guidance (Environment)
9.1 Updates guidelines, manual, SOPs.
9.2 Develops guiding documents.
9.3 Rational Medicines use ensure that all medicines procured through the grants are rationally used.

1. A degree in pharmacy.
2. A higher qualification Master’s degree in relevant field such as Public Health, Pharmacy or Supply Chain Management is an added advantage.
3. Registered with the Pharmacists Council of Zimbabwe. Experience and
1. At least five years’ experience in supply chain management of health and / or pharmaceutical products; with knowledge, experience and understanding of the national regulations on health and pharmaceutical products and public procurement legislation of Zimbabwe.
2. Familiarity with the Global Fund Procurement and Supply Management policies and procedures, and with programmatic requirements for successful implementation of grants funded by the Global Fund.
3. Strong written and oral communication skills, including professional level English language skills.
4. Competency in Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint and Excel skills,and familiarity with computerized pharmaceutical stock management and information systems.
5. Ability to work independently while being a strong team player
6. Knowledge of the GF New Funding Model processes and other policies.


Candidates who meet the requirements of the posts are invited to submit their applications
accompanied by CVs and certified copies of certificates not later than 10 February 2023 to:
The Secretary for Health and Child Care
1st Floor Kaguvi Building
Corner Simon V Muzenda Street/Central Avenue
P.O. Box CY1122