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Position Overview
The job holder reports to the Doctor in Charge, the purpose of this job is to monitor the supply of all medications used in the hospital, and offer expert advice on the prescription and use of medications. Dispenses drugs to out-patients, and inpatients; provides advice on how to take them safely. Counsel patients on appropriate drug doses and routes of administration. Supervises the prescriptions dispensed to patients to ensure their safety, quality, and compliance with applicable law.

Essential Duties
Dispenses medications to patients
Checks patients’ prescriptions for accuracy and safety, ensuring no drugs are contraindicated with one another
Ensures legal compliance and therapeutic response to drugs as well as compliance in the pharmacy, reviewing labels, doses, and procedures
Secures and inventories controlled drugs to maintain compliance with regulations
Keep track of patients that are being discharged and ensure that drugs issued on the discharge chart are prescribed correctly including the right dosage and that patients or caretakers are provided with the necessary information to ensure proper management of drugs after discharge
Communicates with doctors about prescriptions
Advises patients on the proper use of prescription medication and answers questions about the drugs
Counseling patients on side effects and potential adverse interactions of drugs.
Offers various wellness and health-screening services, such as blood pressure monitoring, vaccine administration, and diabetes screening
Manages the pharmacy’s inventory, staff, and budget
Maintain accurate and updated pharmaceutical products like new developments, usage information, and newly released research papers and laws.
Uses pharmacy computer system to maintain records and track inventory
Teaches other healthcare professionals about the prescription of various drugs

Degree in Pharmacy
At least 3 years of experience

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
Strong numerical skills.
Observation skills.
Communication and social skills.

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