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MUST READ: 5 Signs that a job may be a scam or fake

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About 14 million people are caught up in employment or job scams yearly, according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and more so, people who are unfamiliar with job scams are most likely to lose money to them. BBB reports that fraudsters cost victims an estimated $2 billion. With this in mind, the job search becomes very challenging, especially during this internet era where jobs are advertised online.

No need to worry, as VacancyBox compiled a few main traits of these types of scams to help you differentiate between real and fake job adverts. We will keep providing you with more information. We hope this will help you and don’t forget to leave a comment and share with others if you find this post useful.

1. Too Good to Be True / A job offer you didn’t apply for
According to BBB Scam Tracker, more than 75% of victims said that the scammer started contact with them, usually through social media or job boards. Whereby they will offer you a job right away or try to attract you by saying that you’ve already made the first cut. Sometimes they might call you and say that they found your resume/CV online, it is very essential to pay a close eye or ear to their offer, duties, or requirement to ensure that they match your capabilities/credentials/qualifications. Moreover, do more research before accepting

2. Request for money or Confidential Information
LEGITIMATE and REAL companies don’t ask for money, they only ask for these details/personal information once you have been hired so they can process your salary payments procedures. Job scammers may ask to use your personal bank account to transfer money from one account to the other. It is called money laundering, and it’s against the law. Some can end you in jail or criminal issues, for example, they may ask you to receive a package and forward it to a  certain place This may be having stolen goods/ properties or even illegal drugs.

3. Unprofessional language / Emails
Legitimate organizations hire people who are professionals which means they don’t usually make or use unprofessional language/mistakes such as grammatical or spelling errors, or wrong punctuation/capitalization. Be very careful when you receive or read such adverts.

4. The urgency to hire/ Communication
It is very real to have an organization hiring with speed or immediate effect, you need to do more research and findings to make sure it’s real because it’s one of the traits of job scammers. The communication has to be so precise in detail in issues like date, venue for interview, and contact details. At first, there must be proper professional communication for the interview.

5. A feeling that it is a scam
Most of the time people who fell into these traps, usually feel it, but choose to ignore their intuition because of their urgency in the need for a job. It is better to lose a job than to fall into the wrong one. Trust and Pay close attention to your feelings/intuition. Learn the art of believing in yourself.


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