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Medic Express Rider : CIMAS

  • Harare


DUE : 14 DEC 2022


Sorts out clients’ medication packs into home delivery zones before delivery. | | Responds to clients and pharmacy calls for medication packs and prescriptions collection with the emergency they deserve. | | Collects prescriptions from clients whenever necessary and hands these to Pharmacy Manager upon return to the office for processing. | | Delivers with accuracy all clients’ medication packs to the clients’ houses or location daily per TAT schedules. | | Checks claim forms and dispensary sheets for correctness and completeness of client details before handing them to the Pharmacy Manager for processing. | | Delivers emergency clients’ medicine packs as soon as they are collected from the pharmacy. | | Completes all delivery forms as indicated for each delivery.

| | Comes up with ideas, identifies technical issues and provides input in departmental continual improvement projects. | | Ensures proper handling and safe transportation of clients’ medication packs at the correct temperature and conditions. | | Receipts cash and ensures safe custody of the same from clients. | | Keeps motor bike clean, tidy and in good working condition at all times. | | Undertakes regular/ day to day maintenance checks before use of motor bike e.g. check oil, water, battery, breaks and tyres.

5 Ordinary Level passes | | Clean Class 3 Drivers License | | 2-4 Years’ experience in a similar environment

If you meet the stipulated requirements and can operate with minimum supervision, attach your application together with proof of qualifications and experience. Due Date ( 14th December, 2022)
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