Group Corporate Affairs Officer || Old Mutual

  • Harare

Old Mutual

DUE : 08 NOV 2022

The role is responsible for setting up and managing an operating model that develops new ideas and transforms these new ideas or business opportunities into innovative customer solutions.
The role is also responsible for setting up and managing co-working space in the innovation hub.

Strategy Implementation
Investigates and prioritise key strategic focus areas.
Supports strategy implementation in the businesses
Co-working Space
Establishes co-working space, establishes execution partnerships and set up administration of the space
Business Development

Develops a suitable response to business problems and ensure that an appropriate customer focussed solution is effectively implemented.
Partnership (Stakeholders) Management
Acts as a pro-active buffer between the business and development and delivery partners to ensure these key stakeholder groups are pro-actively managed (eg. Align priorities with actual delivery etc.)
Ensures that robust and automated communication systems and business processes are implemented to drive activation and usage whilst also improving retention of Group customers.
Maintains excellent external relationships with key strategic partners. These include internal stakeholders and Innovation and hubs ecosystem partnerships
Team Effectiveness
Guides and directs staff to achieve operational excellence standards.
Creates a climate for optimal performance.

Works within the under-penetrated youth market, understanding the business challenges and seeking alternative solutions within this market.
Provides financial solutions by taking abstract concepts and ideas and translating into value-add products, services or distribution capabilities for the Youth segment.
Provides increased value to our customers within the Starting Out (Youth) market segment by providing new and innovative solutions.
Understands the end-to-end value chain across the business from a cost/benefit and client experience perspective so as to ensure that in the development of innovative financial solutions we identify and extract the economic value add to both the business and the client.
Works collaboratively across Business Units in setting up an Innovation and Incubation value chain that facilitates:

The exploration of new ideas and concepts.
Proof of concept testing.
Piloting in the real world on a limited basis.
Implementation, growing the scale and eventual hand over to the business.
Builds and manages an “innovation” capability within the Group by managing and developing the following disciplines in support of the overall Innovation and Incubation value chain:
Strategy and research.
Stakeholder engagement and management.
Business development.
Solution design.
Financial modelling.
Builds an “incubation” capability within the Old Mutual Zimbabwe Group by managing and developing the following disciplines in support of the overall Innovation and Incubation value chain:
Project management skills.
Business and process analysis.
Relationship Management.
Interpretation and analysis of data.
Sets up Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with third parties across the end-to-end value chain to build an infrastructure that:
Is agile and flexible thus enabling innovation within the Old Mutual construct in a cost-effective manner.
Is lean, efficient and effective in being able to test business constructs.
Ensures that we can effectively manage compliance, regulatory, risk and other risks.

Business Opportunities, Business Problems, Business Processes, Customer Experience (CX), Customer Solutions, Design Thinking, Marketing, Researching, Solutions Design, Strategy Development, Target Operating Model
Bachelors Degree (B): Marketing And Business Management

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