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Feedlot Operations Supervisor || Green Fuel

Green Fuel

DUE: 20 NOV 2023

The position requires the incumbent to oversee the daily operations of the feedlot facility. Will be responsible for ensuring the well-being and health of the animals within the feedlot, implementing herd health protocols, coordinating with feed production department and other veterinarians, and supervising the feedlot staff.


Implement herd health protocols to ensure the well-being and health of the animals.
Monitor animal behaviour, feed consumption, and overall herd conditions to identify any signs of illness or distress.
Administer vaccinations, medications, and treatments as required, following veterinary recommendations and industry standards.
Implement biosecurity measures to prevent the spread of diseases and ensure a healthy environment for the animals.
Oversee the day-to-day operations of the feedlot, including feeding schedules, animal handling, and record-keeping.
Lead and supervise a team of feedlot workers.
Maintain accurate records and documentation pertaining to animal health, medications, treatments, and regulatory requirements.
Collaborate with regulatory agencies during inspections and audits.


A degree in veterinary medicine is required.
Prior experience working in a feedlot or related animal agriculture setting is highly desirable.
In-depth understanding of livestock health management, including disease prevention, treatment protocols, and biosecurity measures.
Familiarity with relevant local, government and industrial regulations governing animal agriculture and feedlot operations.


Please send a CV and certified copies of relevant documents on the email below not later than the 20th November 2023: or