Enumerators X 20 : GOAL Zimbabwe

  • Rusape

GOAL Zimbabwe

DUE : 11 JAN 2023

Enumerators X 20 – Makoni District (Rusape)

Who we are
GOAL is an international non-denominational, non-governmental and non-political humanitarian
organisation dedicated to work towards ensuring the poorest and most vulnerable in our world and
those affected by humanitarian crises have access to the fundamental rights of life, including but
not limited to adequate shelter, food, water and sanitation, healthcare and education. GOAL is
an equal opportunities employer to all individuals seeking employment.

Primary Objective
To undertake comprehensive assessments and routine data collection and data capture activities for the various projects being implemented by GOAL Zimbabwe across its programming areas.

Main responsibilities
Responsibility 1-Participate in all trainings, technical orientation and mentorship sessions organized by GOAL or assigned partner(s)

Task 1: Attend all training sessions or meetings at specified venues and times as organised by project teams.
Task 2: The enumerator will be expected to actively participate in all training activities, take down notes as necessary and contribute to all group/sub-group activities.

Responsibility 2-Conduct household surveys in targeted communities (volume of work is based on assessment design)
Task 1: To locate the individuals /households to be interviewed in their own home or office by mail, phone, or in person depending on the agreed modality
Task 2: Abide by recommended ethical standards in survey administration, including the art of asking questions. The enumerator should ask the questions in a standardised manner as agreed during training.
Task 3: Capture data on paper or using digital data entry technology provided and ensure that all responses are captured correctly.
Task 4: Ensure anonymity of respondents and develop relationship of trust and safe space during data collection exercise with respondents.
Task 5: Identify and report any challenges faced that could affect the quality of the data
Task 6: Take responsibility for all project equipment that you may be entrusted with.

Responsibility 3-Take part in Key Informant Interviews and Focus Group Discussions as assigned by the survey leader
Task 1: Interview the identified key informants of the project within the project area and ensure the data and information has been recorded appropriately or on provided data collection templates.
Task 2: Facilitating the group discussions in such a way that there is active participation by all members
Task 3: Probe to generate further explanation from participants

Responsibility 4- Data Capturing and Review survey of processes and data to enhance standardization in survey administration and ensure completeness and accuracy of data gathered.
Task 1: Participate in daily updates and reviews of survey processes and contribute in identifying challenging processes or questions.
Task 3: Review all data gathered from an interview to check if the data is complete and accurate
Task 4: Compile, collate and sort the recorded data as directed by the supervisor

Responsibility 5- Ensure adherence to a laid down Code of Conduct
Task 1: The enumerators is expected to be familiar with the GOAL Code of Conduct and uphold the terms of this code during engagement with GOAL
Task 2: Comply with GOAL’s policies and procedures with respect to safeguarding, Code of Conduct, health and safety, data protection and confidentiality, do no harm principles and unacceptable behaviour protocols.
Task 3: Report any concerns about the welfare of a child or vulnerable adult or any wrongdoings within our programming area.
Task 4: Report any concerns about inappropriate behaviour of a GOAL staff or partner.

Responsibility 6- Complete all planned tasks in required time frame evidenced by submission of completed tasks to the supervisor.
Task 1: Ensure that all allotted work is saved/ filed correctly and processed (saved, synched to server or filled if in hard copy) in accordance with the data filling protocols per activity as shared by the project focal person.
Task 2: Report to the supervisor before and after day’s work for further direction

Responsibility 7-Any other Duties as directed by the line manager
Perform any other duties as assigned by the line manager/ project focal person.

Requirements (Person Specification)
Certificate level qualification in the relevant field
Demonstrable experience in NGO enumeration, surveys, research activities and other data capture work.
Demonstrated experience in applying quantitative and qualitative /participatory research methods including skills in digital data gathering techniques using applications such as Commcare, ODK and ONA.
Knowledge of the local environment, language and community dynamics
Proficiency in using standard computer software, especially MS office as well as data entry/statistical packages, such as MS Access, SPSS, Minitab, Epi Info. Ability to collect and gather information in an objective way
Excellent communication and writing skills.

(These are specifications or qualities that would be ideal if the candidate had, but aren’t absolutely essential to be considered for the role.)
Ability and willingness to travel to rural locations and live in basic conditions.
Understanding of mainstreaming principles – Gender, HIV/AIDS & Child Protection and experience of working on mainstreaming activities.
Confident presentation and facilitation skills, proven record in provision and facilitation of trainings.
Knowledge of Core Humanitarian Standards and commitment to humanitarian principles

General terms and conditions
GOAL has a Staff Code of Conduct and a Child Protection Policy, which have been developed to ensure the maximum protection of programme participants and children from exploitation. GOAL also has a confidentiality policy ensuring the non-disclosure of any information whatsoever relating to the practices and business of GOAL, acquired in the course of duty, to any other person or organisation without authority, except in the normal execution of duty. Any candidate offered a job with GOAL will be expected to adhere to these policies any job offer made is also subject to police clearance. GOAL is an equal opportunities employer.

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Accountability within GOAL
A commitment to GOAL values and GOAL’s integrity framework is critical to working with GOAL. Any candidate
offered a job with GOAL will be expected to adhere to the following key areas of accountability:
• Comply with GOAL’s policies and procedures with respect to safeguarding, code of conduct, health and
safety, confidentiality, do no harm principles and unacceptable behaviour protocols.
• Report any concerns about the welfare of a child or vulnerable adult or any wrongdoings within our
programming area.
• Report any concerns about inappropriate behaviour of a GOAL staff or partner.

Children and vulnerable adults who come into contact with GOAL as a result of our activities must be safeguarded
to the maximum possible extent from deliberate or inadvertent actions and failings that place them at risk of abuse,
sexual exploitation, injury and any other harm. One of the ways that GOAL shows this on-going commitment to
safeguarding is to include rigorous background and reference checks in the selection process for all candidates.
Please note that applications received outside the stated channels will be disqualified
GOAL does not charge a fee to prospective employment seekers for accessing adverts, interviews, or
recruitment related travel