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EFM Acquisition & Assistance Specialist || US Embassy

  • Harare

US Embassy

DUE: 12 JULY 2023

The Acquisition and Assistance Specialist (Entry Level/EL) is located in the USAID/Zimbabwe Mission Office of Acquisition and Assistance. The function of the Office is to provide Acquisition and Assistance (A&A) support to Technical Offices and Development Objective (DO) Teams in the Mission, and in any Offices that may be supported by the Mission. The primary purpose of this position is to support the cognizant Mission

Contracting/Agreement Officer, by performing a variety of A&A duties including, writing grants, cooperative agreements, contracts, and other procurement instruments, and preparing amendments/modifications to such instruments in support of the Mission. The Specialist reviews and recommends approval or revision of requisitions in the Global Acquisition and Assistance System (GLAAS); reviews and recommends approval or revision of statements of work (SOW); drafts A&A solicitation documents; performs cost and price analysis; analyzes A&A offers or applications received; drafts A&A award instruments and modifications; analyzes budgets; recommends special A&A award requirements; writes memoranda of negotiation; and, prepares other required documentation. The Specialist maintains up-to-date A&A files and records, manages Contractor Performance Assessment Reports (CPARs), and supports award closeout. The Specialist provides guidance to supported Teams related to A&A award modifications. The Specialist is responsible for carrying out day-to-day activities under the mentorship of more senior Office employees.

This is a Standard Position Description covering A&A EFM Specialist positions worldwide. Family Member Appointment (FMA) hiring authority positions are typically made at a level below the full performance level, where the selected Appointment Eligible Family Member (AEFM) demonstrates high potential to achieve the full performance grade level but cannot meet the full training and/or experience requirements of the full-performance position description at the time of award. The following Major Duties and Responsibilities are representative of the occupation and not a specific description of any one job.

Qualifications and Evaluations

A minimum of three years of progressively responsible experience in acquisition and assistance, development assistance, or a position that requires closely related skills, such as program management, law, or financial management, is required. One year of this experience must have been gained working in a position equivalent to responsibilities in this job description or an occupation that requires similar skills.


Specific minimum requirements include:

At least two (2) years of this experience should have been with an international/local organization, U.S. Government department or agencies or other international development organizations within the A&A landscape. Note: Additional experience will NOT be substituted for Education. Training preferred: Exposure to some of the basic FAI CSOD course work:

Additional minimum prior work experience requirements include: (a) General knowledge of office management procedures and specialized knowledge of administrative work is required. (b) Demonstrated ability to organize and manage A&A actions and filing systems effectively; ability to deal effectively with mid and high-level officials of agency/host government/private sector. (c) Must have analytical skills in order to determine applicability of USAID regulations pertaining to filing and closeout of A&A actions. (d) Must have the ability to learn federal acquisition regulation and code of federal regulation with respect to procurement rules and regulations. (e) Working knowledge of standard software packages utilized by USAID, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and the ability to do research on the internet.

Knowledge of public and/or private-sector business processes, or the ability to quickly gain such knowledge, is required. An understanding of USG A&A regulations and policies, and/or knowledge and understanding of how to execute and administer a complex acquisition and assistance portfolio, and/or the ability to quickly gain such understanding, is required, particularly as it relates to acquisition through methods of negotiation, sealed bidding, simplified acquisition procedures, and that result in standard and established contract types.

Education Requirements:
Possession of a Baccalaureate Degree or the equivalent of a four-year US college/university (or equivalency accreditation if a non-US institution) degree is required.
Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Public Administration, Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Commerce or Law.
Note: Additional education will NOT be substituted for Experience.

ADS 438 and Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) Level 4 (advanced professional proficiency, speaking and reading; see English and local language proficiency (if appropriate), both oral and written, is required.

The ability to plan and administer simple A&A activities and provide A&A support for Agency programs and projects in a timely manner, is required. The ability to apply contracting and assistance regulations, procedures, and policies to acquisition and assistance programs involving few complexities, is required. Skill in solving practical problems relating to A&A is required. An ability to deal effectively with mid- to high-level representatives of the US, local, and regional business community, and with colleagues in USAID Missions and/or host governments throughout the region, is required. Skill in the use of most elements of the Microsoft Office suite is required. Good analytical, negotiating, and time management skills, along with strong proofreading skills and attention to detail, are required. The ability to work calmly, tactfully, and effectively under pressure is essential, as well as the ability to maintain strict CONFIDENTIALITY, and meet all STANDARDS OF CONDUCT/ETHICS STANDARDS in accordance with US law throughout all phases of the A&A process, is required.

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