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TSURO Trust - Towards Sustainable Use Of Resources Organization

DUE: 27 SEP 2023

Terms of Reference

Consultancy within the NATURE PLUS Project October 2023 – December 2025:

Developing a Programme Database and integrated Information Management System


Toward Sustainable Use of Resource Organisation (TSURO) undertakes capacity-building activities in Manicaland Province in order to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers, regenerate their rangelands and strengthen the role of women and girls in decision-making and accessing resources. TSURO aims to improve its knowledge Management to allow for more effective Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of TSURO Programmes.


The objectives of this consultancy are to:

1) develop and install a comprehensive and secure program database system, with a corresponding dashboard that is consistent with pre-determined and modifiable indicators and reporting requirements;

2) develop standard procedures and guidelines for maintaining the database, and the integrated system;

3) improve the competence (application of knowledge and skills) of TSURO staff in using and maintaining the developed database and standards;

4) develop and install a secure and web-based Integrated Information Management System (IIMS), which can adequately integrate information from different systems across departments and projects;

5) strengthen the processing, management, and internal and external sharing of TSURO information.

Operational Area
The successful candidate for this assignment will be based in Zimbabwe or will have jurisdiction to legally work in Zimbabwe. Candidates working from outside Zimbabwe will be considered as long as they can keep in regular contact with the team based in Zimbabwe and are willing to travel to Zimbabwe to conduct tasks that require direct contact with the team. These include on-site consultations, piloting the database, training of staff, as well as resolving issues relevant to the objectives of this consultancy.

Scope of Assignment
The consultant is expected to propose a plausible approach for undertaking this assignment in the form of a proposal with a budget, covering the design/customization of a web-enabled program activity database system, and subsequently the linking and integration of the program activity database system with existing databases and systems to produce a web-enabled Integrated Management Information System (IMIS). The activity database and Integrated Management Information System must be web-based and should ideally use open-source technologies. Upon completion, all back-door access to the document should be relinquished when the capacity of TSURO staff has been built so that they are empowered to run the system autonomously and attend to system challenges.

Phase I: Programme Database
i. Carry out an assessment or perform a detailed review of existing documentation on assessment, amongst others.

ii. Familiarise with existing databases, information, and systems being currently used at the organizational level.

iii. Develop a written plan for the development of a database system that is specific to the needs of TSURO, as well as uploading and cleaning procedures. Issues to determine include:

a) What database platform will be used?

b) What functional and non-functional requirements are necessary?

c) What information will be used for the Management Dashboard?

Develop a Standard Operating Procedures Manual. The Consultant will develop a standard operating procedures manual.

The consultant will train TSURO staff in the various procedures for the activity database, including data extraction, analysis, visualization, reporting/transfer, and management.

vii. Using learnings from this consultancy, the Consultant will provide Management with recommendations for the development of an overarching TSURO Integrated Information Management System (IMIS) which is secure and web-enabled, linking all databases (including, activity, participant registration, online registration, website, BELINA, Palladium, Quantrix, amongst others) and systems across Departments and projects. Issues to determine include:

a) Which web-enabled platform should be used? What are the pros and cons of different platforms?

b) What equipment and infrastructure are required?

c) How should data storage and preservation be handled?

d) How should data security management (access, erasure, security, privacy) be ensured?

e) How should long-term access be ensured?

f) What procedures should be used to enable the integration of data across databases and systems?

g) How should interactive querying be handled?

h) How should interactive visualization be handled?

i) Information procedures should enable the transfer/sharing of data and systems (e.g. via the web, mobile devices, and SMS).

Phase II: Integrated Management Information System

1. Design the Integrated System based on the Phase I recommendations and system requirements;

2. Link and Integrate the Programme Activity database system with existing databases and systems;

3. Perform unit tests and functional tests;

4. Produce complete technical documentation;

5. Configure all settings;

6. Perform system deployment on the server;

7. Produce training material for internal TSURO purposes;

8. Train system administrators and users on the Integrated System operations;

9. Provide technical and user support services for a period of 2 years.

Tasks and Deliverables
The Consultant is expected to develop a proposal for the recommended systems, work plan, and schedule of tasks, with corresponding deliverables.

The Consultant is expected to propose a plausible duration, aligned to the scope and methodology for undertaking this assignment.

Skills and Experience Required
The lead consultant should have the following skills and qualifications:

i. Advanced degree (Masters Level will be an added advantage) in a relevant field (computer science, data/information management, advanced statistical analysis, Information Technology, and Software Engineering).

ii. At least 10 years of experience related to data management/database development and archiving, including the use of web-enabled platforms and common statistical analysis tools

iii. At least 5 years of experience in M&E systems design

iv. Prior experience with management of data sets and systems development is highly desirable.

v. Existence of an M&E system/Database/Information web-based solution

vi. Strong experience in the development of web applications

vii. Competent knowledge/practice of AGILE methodology and good practices

viii. Competent and dedicated staff that can be reached for feedback

ix. Staff having at least 5 years of related work experience

x. Excellent communication and writing skills

xi. Prior experience with TSURO is an added advantage.

Evaluation of Bids
The purpose of the evaluation is to determine the technically compliant and competent bid from among the substantially responsive bids received by TSURO. To determine the lowest evaluated proposal, TSURO shall adopt a systematic evaluation process comprising the following 3 logical steps:

1. Bidders will be short-listed first based on qualifying eligibility criteria and then responsiveness of the Bid in meeting scope, understanding of the concept, competence to meet the Functional Requirements, and others, as detailed in this RFP Document i.e. evaluation of the Bids shall be done by TSURO on Technical, Functional Parameters as well as experience and capability of the Bidder to implement the Database and IMIS Solution.

2. Successful consultants/firms will then be invited to make a presentation of the Database and IIMS Solution/Product, demonstrate the Product ‘Walk Through” and if required, TSURO will visit the organization (s) where the Product is successfully implemented.

3. Based on the presentations, successful bidders will be invited to submit detailed Technical proposals covering system specifications and design, as well as a corresponding financial proposal for a commercial evaluation. TSURO shall evaluate the bidders for their readiness of the product and capabilities to meet the functional, operational, and other requirements, and accordingly, TSURO shall decide on selecting the successful consultant/firm.

Evaluations shall be performed as per the criterion determined by TSURO.

Technical Evaluation
TSURO will evaluate technical bids on the following broad criteria:

Technical Completeness of the bid containing details of:

a) Clear Process Flow/Functionality of the entire solution for the database and Management Information System

b) Platform proposed

c) Compliance with the scope of work,

d) Compliance with Functional Requirements and Technical Requirements

e) Qualifications of the Consultant and staff proposed for the assignment

f) Consultant/Firm’s experience and competency with data management and development of Integrated Information Management Systems

g) Evaluation of functional capabilities of the IIMS Solution offered, through product presentation, and product walk-through.


Submission of Proposals

TSURO invites qualified firms and consultants to submit their Technical Proposals including a cover letter with the subject line:

TSURO Programme Database and Integrated Management Information System Development Consultancy

to the following address:

The Administrator
TSURO TRUST Stand 212, Ngangu Township
Private Bag 2029, Chimanimani, Zimbabwe
Tel: +263773028107


ZIMBABWE OR Email: with subject: “Technical Proposal to develop TSURO Database and IMIS”. The proposals should arrive COB 27 September 2023.

For any inquiries regarding this TOR, send an email to and Copy