Consultancy: Develop a contingency Plan || Transparency International Zimbabwe (TIZ)

  • Harare

Transparency International Zimbabwe (TIZ)

DUE: 17 NOV 2023



Title of Consultancy:Develop a contingency Plan
Time Frame for assignment:7 days
Reports to:Head of Programmes
Deadline:  17 November 2023


  1. Introduction and background

Transparency International Zimbabwe (TI Z) is a non-profit and non-partisan systems oriented local chapter of the international movement against corruption. TI Z believes that corruption can be sufficiently tackled in a democratic society that upholds principles of good governance, that is, governance that is people centered: accountable to the people and reflects in all its operations and systems the values of engagement, consultativeness, transparency, integrity, and participation in its dispensation.

Corruption is a complex and adaptive system which requires a broader analysis of various factors including the political/economic realities. Therefore, designing and implementing anti-corruption initiatives remains one of the complex processes especially in thecontext of Zimbabwe. Existing data sets developed by Transparency International Zimbabwe reveal that corruption has risen in the last decade with evidence of systemic corruption and the rise of coordinated informal social networks. TI Z is on the verge of finalizing its 5-year strategy and intends to develop a contingency plan as well as a crisis management plan to respond to the complexities of anti-corruption programming. TI Z seeks the services of a consultant/s with traceable experience on strategic planning to lead the development of an organisational contingency plan. Theplan should cover risks that span multiple projects implemented by TI Zand beyond.

  1. Objective

The contingency plan is aimed at strengthening organizationalprogramming as well as align the organizational strategy of the organisation to the political and economic realities in Zimbabwe. The plan should alsoenable the institution to identify potential risks and appropriate strategicresponse plans for high priority risks.

  1. Expectations

In consultation with the organization’s Head of Programs, the consultant/s is expected to:

  • develop a political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal (PESTEL)analysis.
  • develop a detailed and well researched risk matrix.
  • develop a response and plan of action for all high priority risks.
  • Submit a comprehensive document that informs TI Z’s programming, financial and institutional frameworks.
  1. Scheduling

The assignment is scheduled to run for7days from the date of awarding of the contract.

  1. Payment

Payments by the organization are delivery-based. Any deliverable not meeting the required specifications will have to be reworked and resubmitted at no additional cost to the organisation. The proposed payment schedule for this assignment is upon submission of progress reports on completed tasks, outlined against planned outputs. Based on the report and satisfactory performance, payments will be approved by the Executive Director.

  1. Role of the local organisation

The organisation will work together with the consultant/s on this assignment. The organisation will also avail all the necessary documentation and information required for the execution of the assignment and review the draft report.

  1. Qualifications and Experience

Advanced university degree (MA or PhD) in social sciences preferably Governance studies, Development studies, Policy studies, Statistics or any other relevant subjects.Demonstrated knowledge and experience in developing strategy documents or contingency plans for institutions.Excellent English language skills and ability to write clear and compelling content for a wide variety of audiences. Ability to work with minimum supervision and deliver the outputs with high quality.


Interested applicants with the experience and expertise should send an expression of interest inclusive of CV/s, a proposed work plan including a timeline and a budget, sample of previous work done within the democracy and governance sector and at least three (2) contactable professional references cc with subject heading: Contingency Plan- TI Z