Clean Energy and Climate Change Officer || Score Against Poverty (SCORE)

  • Mwenezi

Score Against Poverty (SCORE)

DUE: 06 FEB 2024

Reports to: Project Director
Location: Mwenezi District, Zimbabwe
Duration: 1 year (renewable upon satisfactory performance)

Project title: Locally Led Indigenous Nature-Based Solutions for Climate Change Adaptation in
Zimbabwe (LINCZ) project

Organization Overview:

Score Against Poverty (SCORE) is a community-based organization located in the Mwenezi District of
Zimbabwe. The organization actively works in diverse projects relating to food security, naturebased solutions, biodiversity promotion, water and sanitation, and climate change and clean energy.
In line with our commitment to making a significant impact, SCORE prioritizes locally led initiatives,
sustainable solutions, and inclusive strategies.

Project Overview:

The Locally Led Indigenous Nature-Based Solutions for Climate Change Adaptation in
Zimbabwe (LINCZ) project represents a significant endeavour with a profound commitment
to environmental sustainability, community empowerment, and climate resilience. In the face
of escalating climate change challenges, it has become imperative to address not only the
immediate needs of communities, but also their long-term capacity to adapt and thrive
LINCZ emerges as a response to these pressing challenges, offering a comprehensive
approach that integrates indigenous knowledge, community participation, and nature-based
solutions. It is a testament to the project belief in the power of local communities to drive
change, nurture resilience, and protect their environment. There are different dimensions to
the project including: Policy development, promoting Indigenous Knowledge systems,
promoting nature-based solutions to climate change (such as land reclamation and
afforestation activities, conservation agriculture, drilling a borehole for better access to water,
establishing a community garden amongst many other interventions), Advocating for clean
energy technologies, promoting value chain addition (in the area of Bee keeping, Mopane
worms and Legumes) and addressing gender equality issues.

Key role and responsibilities:

1. Distribution and Promotion of Improved Stoves & Cooking Practices

 Technical assistance in design, production and distribution of local improved cook stoves
towards integration of biomass fuels and alternatives (briquettes, LPG)
 Lead improved cook stove technical trainings with support from cook stove producers.
 Ensure high quality implementation of the project deliverables to the achievement of results
in cooking using energy technologies, (biomass) cooking fuels, biogas digesters and off grid
solar products. This will include coordinated delivery of dual training and continuous
coaching that supports technical skills development, entrepreneurship and awareness
2. Access to High Quality Solar Energy Products & Services by targeted communities

 Stimulate private sector investment to sustained market presence in Mwenezi district for
certified solar products and services.
 Provide technical assistance in the installation and maintenance of solar or alternative
energy technologies such as biogas digesters.

3. Alternative Reforestation Practices Alleviating Reliance on Traditional Biomass

 Revitalize and introduce local forestry measures in localized fuel wood production practices
including agro-forestry wood lots linked to community reforestation financing.

4. Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting

 Collaborate with the climate change advocacy officer and the Program Coordinator to
execute timely M&E work plan delivery for regular data collection, results verification, risk
monitoring and reporting processes.

5. Knowledge, Documentation and Communication

 Ensure full synthesis, analysis and documentation in sharing of project insights and results in
respect to energy technology product-service development, delivery-use and quality

6. Network and Relationship building

 Build and maintain effective relationships with the government and local authorities,
likeminded (inter)national partners or programmes in Mwenezi district, external partners
and the donor.


 Diploma or degree in Engineering, Environmental Science, or any relevant technical field.
 Proven experience of at least 3 years in working with alternative/renewable energy,
woodland management or any related work.
 Knowledge and a strong understanding of installation processes and safety procedures for
handling biogas digesters, solar energy systems and fuel-efficient stoves technologies.
 Strong analytical skills in conducting onsite inspections.
 Experience with preparing budgets and plans for energy projects.
 Ability to analyze energy data to identify trends and opportunities for improvement.
 Knowledge of MS Office, excel and any other relevant database software.
 Attention to detail and problem-solving skills.
 Strong Organizational skills with ability to multi-task and prioritize work.


Submit a CV and a motivation letter (each 1-page max), all combined in a single PDF document. Send
this document with ” Clean Energy and Climate Change Officer- LINCZ Project” in the subject of the
email to: by February 6, 2024.

SCORE is an equal opportunity employer, committed to employment equity. SCORE values diversity
and invites all qualified candidates to apply. Note that applications not following these instructions
will not be considered, and only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interviews.