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Business Development Administrator || Veer Freight Private Limited

  • Harare

Veer Freight Private Limited

DUE: 25 NOV 2023


Customer Relationship Management/Marketing
Financial Performance
Internal Quality Processes
People Management
Profitability & cash flow management
Freight Forwarding and communication
Report Writing and Meetings
Digital marketing and content management
Customs Clearing


Client Relationship Management/Marketing

Sales Pitching
Conducting market research and segmentation
Performing competitor analysis
Classification of customers and allocating customers to Account Managers.
Retaining corporate, loyal and profitable customers.
Scheduling and visiting corporate clients.
Attending to and resolving customer complaints.
Performing customer satisfaction surveys.
Strategic Networking

Financial Performance

Managing critical costs e.g. bond paper, telephone & fuel consumption.
Managing debtors.

Internal Quality Process

Establishing and maintaining Service Level Agreements and service standards.
Complying with quality assurance.
Complying with legal, statutory and licensing requirements.

People Management

Identifying performance gaps, training and development needs of subordinates.
Evaluating the performance of subordinates through job performance programme.
Ensuring that Appraisals are done and submitted on time.
Supervising and motivating staff.
To have effective succession plan for business continuity.

Profitability and Cashflow Management

Ensuring that shipments are delivered on time.
Ensuring that customer clearances are done on time so as to avoid demurrages.
Ensuring that loading authorities & Duty Authorisations are given in time.
Participate in responding to bid tenders, i.e. pricing, terms and conditions.
Providing sales leads to Business Development.

Freight Forwarding & Communication

Liaising with Clients regarding the nature of goods and shipments specifications.
Management of all duty and forwarding quotations to clients and ensure that quotations are responded to on time.
Receiving feedback from clients regarding quotations given.
Giving technical advice to clients.
Liaising with other branches and service providers regarding the movement of shipments.
Updating clients on shipment movement

Report writing/Management Meetings

Writing of reports for monthly, quarterly and annually for Business Development Department.
Presenting reports in a manner required by Managing Director.
Participation and contributing in Management Committee meetings
Attend and participate in meetings which that MD may call for from time to time.
Data Capturing

Digital Marketing and Content Management

Ensuring that content is posted on a weekly basis on all social media accounts and website.
Analysing and managing social media and website content.

Customs Clearing

Customs tariffing and classification.
Liaison with Customs Clearing department for all customs clearing jobs.


Good management skills
Good communication and customer interaction skills.
Good analytical skills.
Good report writing skills.

The following should describe the skills required of the incumbent to competently discharge his/her duties ‘Ideal’ is self-explanatory. Acceptable means low lowest level, which would be considered.


Ideal: “A” Level Acceptable: “O” Level

Ideal: Degree in Supply Chain Management/ Transport and Logistics Management, Diploma in Customs Legislation and Procedures, FIATA Diploma in Freight Forwarding

Acceptable: Diploma in Forwarding and Diploma in Customs Legislation and Procedures.

Commercial, Industrial of Professional experience

Ideal: 5years Acceptable: 3years
(2 years experience in Customs tariffing and Classification, Experience in Sales & Marketing, Sales Administration, Customer satisfaction survey and Strategy)

Specific in-company experience required

Ideal: 5 years Acceptable: 3years.
Computer skills certificate is an added advantage