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Bookkepper || Felrich Paper and plastics

  • Harare

Felrich Paper and plastics

DUE : 31 DEC 2022

Cash up report
Count cash at receiving
Verify with supporting documents
Verify the cash in total
Compile requisitions

Prepare Daily Report
Verify accuracy of daily report
Capture deliveries and walk in sales
Capture cash movement
Capture list of debtors
Capture production information

Maintain Debtors Schedule
Update deliveries
Update payments
Check for possible missed deliveries
Update special accounts

Processing payments
Send cash for banking
Make payments
Record payments made
Filing of supporting documents

QuickBooks Data Capturing
Capture invoices
Capture receipts
Capture expenses
Extract debtors list
Extract creditors report

Payroll Maintenance
Capture adjustments into payroll
Extract payment schedule to excel
Extract time sheets
Compile overtime figures

Monthly Payments Schedule Updating
Extract statutories payroll and other invoices
Get other statutory figures
Send figures
Send email pops

An accounting degree is a requirement, and any other professional course is an added advantage.
Age 26 years to 35 years of age.
Experience in the manufacturing sector is a requirement.
Able to start working with immediate effect.
Good communication skills and ability to manage work pressure will be an added advantage.

If interested send your CV and Motivational letter to