Agronomist || Whitney Paprika

  • Harare

Whitney Paprika

DUE : 01 OCT 2022

Reports To : The General Manager
Salary: US$250-350/month
The service’s premises, but you may be required to work from other locations at the discretion of the company and with appropriate notice.

Working Hours: Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm, Saturday 8am to 1pm or as directed by the manager.
Implement actions to meet and maintain administrative and financial standards
Assist the development of the philosophy, goals and objectives for the administrative and company practice
Evaluate standards of administrative
Be able to visit clients for audits

The Agronomist’s responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:
Construct crop production plans.
The production plan includes making chemical- and fertilizer recommendations in conjunction.
Building a set budget for each unit covering all necessary scenarios within an achievable cost range
Evaluate different input prices and farming practice to determine the most efficient production plan, Irrigation scheduling and control in accordance with irrigation quotas

Installation, setup, calibration and management of irrigation infrastructure
Preparation of fertilization programs per own farms and support outgrowers
Manage growth and deal with growth problems in different growth phases
Support with irrigation control system and fertilizer dosing systems
Coordination of sampling and processing of analysis data
Support with disease, pest control and weed control programs and associated MRL levels according to market requirements
Management of onboard monitoring of external growers
Support with general production practices and manipulations in relation to horticulture
Support with farm information systems
Recommendations and support with relocation and new plantings
Research and innovation in relation to new practices and improved production techniques
Support the effective resolution of team conflicts
Work to establish effective external grower relationships
Develop effective working relationships with other stakeholders

Other Duties
Other duties and responsibilities to be undertaken may include any (or all) of the items in the following list:
Cooperate with the implementation, evaluation, orientation and induction of all new employees
Promote a positive image for the people and employees of the company
Seek opportunities for personal and professional growth

Degree in Agriculture or related subject qualification
Have a minimum of 2 years of relevant experience in horticulture Must have a valid driver’s license
Good computer skills
Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines Strong verbal and written communication skills
Organisational Skills
Maintain complete and accurate records of farming activities Manage and support junior members of staff
Audit all farming functions of the company’s quality assurance systems to ensure the business is fully compliant with statutory and regulatory requirements
Contribute and participate in any company agro-marketing effects

Specific Requirement for Previous Experience
Experience of working in a similar role
Experience of working in a similar environment.
Previous experience in an agro based company is an added advantage.
Supporting an export based farm

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