Accounting Assistant || Sinohydro Corporation Limited Zimbabwe Branch

  • Harare

Sinohydro Corporation Limited Zimbabwe Branch

DUE : 09 OCT 2022

Internship: net salary of 400 US dollars per month (or hourly salary system), and become a full-time worker according to work performance after two months
Regular salary – net salary: US $500 (or hourly salary)
Welfare: providing diesel fuel for daily commute and telephone charges
According to the work performance, the salary shall be adjusted once every six months
The salary will be paid to Stanbic Bank card by bank transfer
Working hours: Monday to Saturday, 8:00 to 12:00,13:30 to 17:30 (or 14:00 to 18:00)

Job content
1. Be responsible for daily bookkeeping and sorting out original vouchers such as invoices
2. Responsible for part of the communication with the bank
3. Responsible for monthly tax declaration and payment
4. Participate in the preparation of annual financial statements and the preparation of annual audit
5. Report directly to the Chinese Financial Director Salary and working hours

Bachelor Degree or above in Finance or Accounting, with Accounting Certificate;
More than five years of accounting experience, or more than three years of management accounting experience
Familiar with accounting regulations and tax laws, proficient in using SAGE & chips and other financial software;
Be proficient in using Excel tables and various functions;
Have good learning ability, independent working ability and financial analysis ability;
Meticulous work, strong sense of responsibility, good communication skills and team spirit;
Have a sense of identity with China or Chinese culture
Those who have studied abroad in China and can speak Chinese are preferred

Recruitment process: If you meet the above requirements or have other professional expertise, you can send your resume, relevant education and accounting certificate to the following email address: Personnel Manager: Finance manager: DEADLINE 9 OCTOBER 2022